13 Days Remaining

Tuesday 8th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Our News Desk

A FAMILY member of one of the three men lost under the rubble of the collapsed Didcot power station called the delay in their retrieval “diabolical” yesterday.

John Howley, the uncle of Ken Cresswell, signed a 1,200-strong petition set up to help the lost workers.

Mr Cresswell and Chris Huxtable have been named among the trapped men by their families.

Mike Collings, 53, was killed and three other demolition workers were buried and left unaccounted for when the massive turbine hall folded nearly two weeks ago.

Emergency services have since said it is “highly unlikely” the missing are still alive and last week stated that the recovery operation could take months.

Mr Huxtable’s partner, Jade Ali, from Swansea, created the online petition. She posted: “We need them home.

Minutes are turning into hours, and days are turning into weeks.

“Get these three hard-working men out and back home.”

Supervisor Mathew Mowat, who was seconds from being buried by the collapsed Didcot power station, has said “it is a miracle” there were not more men trapped.

The 49-year-old, with more than 26 years’ experience of working on demolition sites, said: “I feel guilty in not being under there with the guys and for coming home, because they are still there left under that steel — it is ridiculous they are not out.”

A Health & Safety Executive spokesman said: “We fully understand the anguish the families of the three missing workers will be experiencing.

“The priority of the multi-agency response remains the recovery of the bodies to their families.”