20 Days Remaining

Tuesday 5th
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

THE PROOF was in the lack of pudding at London’s Baker Street station yesterday as Tube cooks downed ladles in protest at the sacking of their union rep.

Rail union RMT said that catering worker Petrit Mihaj, employed by notorious private contractor Sodexo, was fired simply for doing a good job representing members.

An employment tribunal found in Mr Mihaj, ruling that he had been dismissed for his union activities.

But Sodexo refused to reinstate him as a catering worker at Baker Street, where he makes sure vital train and station staff are properly fed.

RMT members walked out between 6.30 and 11am.

Speaking from the picket line, Mr Mihaj said: “We have had great support today — customers of the restaurant were refusing to use it, and not only RMT members.

“Local government employees were also refusing to cross the picket line.

“The only people refusing to listen to our requests to support the action were the British Transport Police, who took great pleasure in crossing our line.”

Along with G4S and Serco, Sodexo is considered one of the “big three” outsourcing firms — sponging off the taxpayer by soaking up lucrative government contracts in part-privatised public services.

The company hit headlines in June over racist harassment in its defence division, where a female member of staff was hit by a manager who told her it was “punch-a-black week.”

Labour shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett has suggested Sodexo be banned from future public contracts.