5 Days Remaining

Monday 21st
posted by Morning Star in World

THIRTY-NINE people were arrested at Saturday’s far-right march in Berlin to commemorate the death of senior nazi Rudolph Hess, police said yesterday.

More than 500 neo-nazis had attempted to march to the site of the former prison in Berlin’s Spandau district where Hess hanged himself in 1987.

But the fascists were forced to turn back less than a mile away by a counter-protest of left-wing groups and local residents numbering around 1,000, chanting: “Nazis go home!” and “You lost the war!”

Police said yesterday that 35 of those detained belonged to the far-right march, while four were taking part in the counter-protest.

Twelve of the far-right protesters are being investigated for displaying forbidden symbols.

Others detained are being investigated for breach of the peace, assault, resisting arrest, drug offenses and breaking the law on public assembly.

The march was accompanied by about 1,000 police officers.

Authorities had imposed restrictions on the march to try to ensure that it passed peacefully.

Organisers were ordered not to glorify Hess or the nazi regime, carry weapons, drums or torches and could bring only one fl ag for every 25 participants.

Jossa Berntje, who joined the counter-protest, said she decided to join the march after seeing the far-right demonstration in the US city of Charlottesville in which a woman was killed by a nazi sympathiser.

“The rats are coming out of the sewers,” she said. “[US President Donald] Trump has made it socially acceptable.”