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Saturday 30th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

Corbyn’s CLP nominations dwarf those of pretender Smith

JEREMY CORBYN is far ahead of rival Owen Smith in winning support from local Labour parties, which are overwhelmingly nominating him to remain leader.

As of last night, a massive 51 constituency Labour parties (CLPs) had nominated Mr Corbyn compared with just 12 for Mr Smith.

So far, Mr Corbyn has the backing o 81 per cent of CLPs who have made a nomination.

By the end of last year’s contest he had the support of 39 per cent of those that weighed in. Hundreds of CLPs have yet to vote and will do so in the coming weeks.

So far, Mr Corbyn is faring better outside London, securing the support of 92 per cent of the nominations.

Shadow business secretary Jon Trickett told the Star: “It’s an early indicator of the strength of support behind Mr Corbyn.

“I believe those who voted in the last leadership election don’t like what has happened.

“This is a plea for unity from the party to get behind the elected leader.”

Many of the CLPs who nominated Mr Corbyn this time either didn’t vote for any candidate in last year’s contest or had backed Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper.

Young Labour national committee member George Aylett pointed out that of the 51 CLPs that have nominated Mr Corbyn so far, only 21 did so last time.

Although the CLP nominations have no bearing on which candidate is finally elected leader, they are a good indication of how Labour members and supporters might vote.

Ballot papers will be sent out from the week beginning August 22 and the deadline to vote is a month later on September 21.

The result will be announced at a special conference in Liverpool on September 24.

Last night, Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign continued in York, where he spoke at an open-air rally in St Helen’s Square.

He will address another open-air rally at the Rose Bowl in Hull from 1pm today, followed by a campaign event at New Dock Hall in Leeds at 7pm.

On Monday, Mr Corbyn will address a Communication Workers Union rally, where the union is expected to endorse his bid to remain Labour leader.

Postal workers, engineers and call-centre staff are among the workers who will be represented at the event at the National Union of Teachers headquarters in Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London.