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Tuesday 31st
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

TUC leader blasts Tory ‘extremists’ who want no-deal exit

THERESA MAY must break away from about 30 “Brexit extremist” MPs within her party who want to “crash out of the EU” without a deal, Frances O’Grady says.

In tonight’s lecture at the London School of Economics, the TUC general secretary will deliver a message that Britain’s leaving the European Union without an agreement for trading with the remaining 27 member countries in the future would be a “horror show — a nightmare on Brexit Street” but a dream come true for the “bad guys waiting in the shadows to slash jobs and workers’ rights.”

A no-deal situation with default to World Trade Organisation trade rules would be “disastrous” because it would damage sectors such as manufacturing and services, Ms O’Grady will tell attendees at the event called No More Cake and Eat It.

According to Ms O’Grady’s speech: “Whichever way they voted in the referendum, the

public is losing confidence in the government to get a good deal. Workers want to know that their jobs, rights and livelihoods are safe.”

And she will lambast squabbling Conservative MPs who have put more energy into fighting each other than into negotiations.

A cross-party negotiating team with representation from businesses and unions should be brought together to “focus on the realities of the negotiation,” she argues.

Ms O’Grady will also propose that Britain continues to follow EU rules during a transition period while a new long-term trade deal with the EU is set out.

She will say that staying in the single market and customs union would be the best thing to do unless the government has a “convincing alternative.”

But Lexit — the left Leave campaign — chairman Robert Griffiths told the Star that continuing to submit to single market and customs union rules would be like EU membership but “under some other name.”

He said: “Yet again the TUC sounds more like the voice of Brussels bureaucrats and big business than of British and European workers.

“We need protection from job-destroying EU single market rules and the anti-trade union, anti-migrant worker EU Court of Justice, not continued submission to them.

“The next Labour government must be free to enact policies of public investment, public ownership, state aid for industry, equality for imported workers and VAT reform, not imprisoned by future EU membership under some other name.”