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Tuesday 28th
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And pro women in seven football leagues earn the same as just one man

ELITE sportsmen earn 101 times more than elite sportswomen doing the same job, an international pay audit has found.

The Global Sports Salaries Survey published on Sunday night looked at women’s pay for the first time to reveal the “quantifiably massive” difference between the men and women’s pay in team sports.

In football the 1,693 professional female players in France, German, England, the US, Sweden, Australia and Mexico combined would have to pool their wages to raise the same cash as Brazilian forward Neymar.

His £32.9 million a year from Paris St Germain — before the millions more from sponsorship deals — is almost exactly the same as the top seven women’s football leagues in the world.

The Sporting Intelligence survey shows that even in England, where the FA has made much in recent years of the support it is giving to women’s football and Sporting Intelligence describes the position as “relatively advanced,” women earn just over 1 per cent of the salary of their male counterparts.

The 157 contracted players in the Women’s Super League — there are a further 110 players not on contract — earn an average £26,752 to the 522 men’s £2,642,508.

US basketball was the only women’s league where Sporting Intelligence had official numbers on team-by-team salaries.

Despite being the best-paid women’s league in the world, the highest-placed side came in at 327 on the survey’s list of 348 teams ranked by average earnings.

WNBA side Atlanta Dream entered the list between two Canadian gridiron teams — Hamilton Tiger-Cats and BC Lions — with average annual pay of £65,663.

A man shooting hoops for the state’s Hawks would have have racked up that sum by lunchtime on January 6. Their £4.4m a year only puts them in 43rd on the global list.

Seven of the highest paid 10 teams in the world are NBA sides, with La Liga’s Barcelona climbing a place to fourth and Neymar’s PSG in fifth. Ninth-placed Spanish side Real Madrid complete the football trio in the top 10.

Manchester United just edged out local rivals City in the race to be kings of English pay, taking 23rd spot (a 19-place drop on last year) with £5,241,185 average annual pay to the Blues’ £5,235,917.

Elsewhere, the survey punctures the myth that “women’s sport is rubbish, nobody watches, so there isn’t much money, no wonder wages are so small.”

It points out that, for WNBA, the 1,574,078 paying fans would need ticket prices of just £5.26 to cover the £8.2 million wages bill.

“Actually average ‘lowest-priced’ ticket prices in the WBNA are more than double the sum needed to cover the wages, or more than £12 each. And the teams have other income streams from TV and sponsors,” says the report.

“So they could arguably afford to pay higher wages than they do — but that’s a whole different subject.”

By contrast the 21,997,875 tickets sold to men’s basketball last season would have to cost £110.47 each to cover the wages bill.