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Saturday 1st
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

Family who fled Pakistan have benefits held

AN ASYLUM-seeker with autism and a mental age of four has had his benefits stopped by the Home Office because it wants his family to leave Britain, the Star was told yesterday.

Danyal Nadeem, 18, and his mother Saira have also been told to leave their accommodation in Sheffield because her asylum claim was rejected.

The family were informed that their benefit support will end on April 10 as Danyal recently turned 18. This is despite the fact that he is unable to talk and needs constant care.

The family, which also includes 27-year-old daughter Zoya and elder son Zohaib, all fled Pakistan in 2014 after Saira’s husband died and his family tried to coerce her into another marriage.

They insist that they cannot return to Pakistan because Danyal would face abuse and harrassment and Zohaib, who is in a civil partnership, would be in danger for being gay.

A Home Office bid to deport Zoya to Islamabad failed last month after her solicitor won an injunction hours before she was due to leave Yarl’s Wood detention centre and be forced onto the aircraft.

A community campaign, Keep the Nadeem Family Safe in Sheffield, is pressing the Home Office to allow the family to stay.

Sheena Clarke of the campaign said: “This is outrageous and totally inhumane.

“Danyal may be an adult physically but he has the mental capacity of a four-year-old. He needs 24-hour care due to his profound autism, complex needs and challenging behaviour.

“He and his mother cannot be expected to survive without proper accommodation and financial support.

“This seems to be a cynical and calculated move by the Home Office to force her to return to Pakistan ‘voluntarily’ where Danyal will face intolerable abuse and harassment.”

The group has launched an online petition to Home Secretary Amber Rudd. It can be found at: