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Monday 22nd
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

WELSH Ukip candidate John Rees-Evans brushed off homophobic comments made by a fellow election hopeful, telling opponents at the weekend that his horse had been “raped” by a “homosexual donkey.”

The Cardiff South and Penarth candidate Mr Rees-Evans was part of a clutch of Ukip activists who confronted a group of protesters outside the party’s Merthyr Tydfil offices.

Mr Rees-Evans was challenged to respond to a series of embarrassing quotes from party figures.

One campaigner read out the statement: “Some homosexuals prefer sex with animals,” which led to the suspension of Ukip branch chairwoman Julia Gasper.

He responded: “Actually I’ve witnessed that.”

After being told the footage was “all going up on YouTube tomorrow,” Mr Rees-Evans related a story in which “a homosexual donkey raped my horse.

“I was personally quite amazed, I’ve got a horse, it was in the fields, and a donkey came up … a donkey came up which is male, and I’m afraid tried to rape my horse,” he said.

“So in this case he’s obviously correct because the homosexual donkey [recording unclear] but I don’t think that’s what she meant but it’s a coincidence.”

In an attempt to explain his comments to the Star, Mr Rees-Evans, who claims he is a “libertarian,” said: “This isn’t an area of expertise or interest to me, but I believe that sexual relationships shouldn’t be policed — and this is the key thing — so long as there is consent.”

Harriet Protheroe-Davis, the activist who organised the anti-Ukip demo, said: “Comments like these from Ukip councillors are exactly why we held our demonstration.

“Many people have argued that they are voting Ukip because they are the only party that tackles the issues of the EU, but you cannot separate Ukip from its overall ideology. This ideology being one of prejudice, racism, sexism and evidently homophobia.”

This latest gaffe comes after Ukip chairman Steve Crowther urged candidates to boycott Twitter to avoid more embarrassing incidents.

Mr Crowther suggested a “just don’t” policy for social media.

Ukip is hoping to win parliamentary seats in a general election for the first time next year.




Rightwinger Danczuk rules out defection

RIGHT-WING Labour MP Simon Danczuk yesterday ruled out a defection to Ukip — despite being photographed with Nigel Farage and heaping praise on the Ukip leader.

Rochdale MP Mr Danczuk, who the Morning Star exposed last month as one of four MPs who plotted to topple Ed Miliband as Labour leader, said he was “solidly Labour” and was “definitely not” about to join Mr Farage’s party.

A Sunday newspaper reported the pair had spent an hour chatting to each other while drinking three pints of beer at the Anchor Tap pub near Tower Bridge in London.

The LabourList blog questioned how the paper had managed to have a photographer ready to snap the meeting — seeming to imply the drinkers had tipped them off.

Despite his protestations against becoming the first Labour MP to defect to Ukip’s ranks, following two Tory defections, Mr Danczuk has described Mr Farage as “probably the most successful politician of 2014.”