10 Days Remaining

Thursday 29th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

MOMENTUM pledged yesterday to expand its membership of Labour campaigners to a scale never seen before in order to end Tory rule as it launched a pre-emptive election campaign.

The Labour-supporting grassroots group kick-started the campaign just 20 days after the last general election. It will also be joining a mass anti-austerity demonstration this weekend.

Momentum announced that it would train more activists to campaign and door-knock in newly marginal constituencies, launch new technological platforms to encourage involvement in the Labour Party and build a network of volunteer film-makers to create video content for online sharing.

Momentum national organiser Emma Rees said: “During the last election, we operated on a limited budget, punched well above our weight and helped swing key seats for Labour.

“With Theresa May leading an unstable, minority Conservative government propped up by the anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, climate change-denying DUP, another election could come at any moment.

“This is why we’re launching our campaign now. We must stay on the front foot and prepare for a possible snap election.

“The Conservatives will learn from their disastrous campaign and won’t make the same mistakes twice.

“In response, Momentum will ramp up its operation and help build a network of first-time canvassers and door-knockers the likes of which Britain has never seen before.”

The group was founded to back Jeremy Corbyn following his election as Labour leader in 2015.

On Saturday, Momentum activists will be among the thousands of Labour members who are expected to join the demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly and supported by trade unions.

It will assemble outside BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place from 12pm before marching to Parliament Square.

There will be speeches by Labour MPs, including shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow home secretary Diane Abbott.