8 Days Remaining
Owen Gallagher

Thursday 4th
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The Home Secretary Addresses the Prime Minister
Owen Gallagher

Everything is as we found it, Prime Minister;
the Red Box containing the Budget, his hip-flask
and BlackBerry; no good-bye letter; nothing sinister.
It’s as if he was summoned to be taken to task

by the patron saint of tax collectors, St. Matthew.
The duty officer said he was in good spirits
when he entered number eleven. The staff who
assist have been interviewed. There have been no hits

on his bank accounts. We doubt if he will appear
for his Budget speech. Security is fully stretched.
With protesters outside Westminster we fear
for your safety. RAF Northolt is on full alert.

Cook insists before your television appeal
for calm, you have a boiled egg with the British Lion seal.



Owen Gallagher is from Gorbals, Glasgow and lives in London. He has awards from The London Arts Board and The Society of Authors. His poems have been published widely in: The Independent, Time Out, PN Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Rialto, The SHop, The Stinging Fly, Poetry Wales, London Magazine, New Welsh Review, Poetry London. He has won poetry competitions and his poems have been displayed on London buses. His book publications include: Sat Guru Snowman (Peterloo Poets, 2004) and Tea with the Taliban (Smokestack Books, 2012).

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