20 Days Remaining

Wednesday 21st
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

LEAKED documents have revealed that middle managers with London Underground “agree with the RMT” and branded Tube ticket office closures a “disaster.”

Members of rail unions RMT and TSSA are currently refusing to work overtime at London Underground stations — forcing some to shut down.

The unions say Transport for London’s Fit for the Future Stations programme, which shut every ticket office on the network in a bid to save money, has compromised passenger safety.

Now a leaked dossier reporting on an area managers’ forum shows middle management turning fire on Tube bosses.

One manager asks: “How am I supposed to convince staff to break a strike/OT ban when I completely agree with many of the issues raised by the RMT?”

Another suggests that the policy of highly paid area managers “regularly having to personally keep a station open” in place of normal station staff “clearly show that Fit for the Future Stations was a disaster.”

Bosses answer the charges by saying that the new model will “deliver better customer service and we all need to keep working towards that goal.”

They say they have agreed a “joint review of staffing numbers and deployment” with unions.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Tube unions have been warning LUL for two years that stations cannot function after so many job cuts. Now their own middle managers are telling them the same.”

Bosses have responded to the staff shortage by drafting in non-operational staff, with RMT saying this has led to “people in jeans and trainers breaking safety rules as they try to cover roles that they are simply not qualified to do.”

Unions have accused bosses of “bribing” so-called “ambassadors” to take on these shifts and say the shortage of station staff led to a schoolgirl crossing electrified tracks at a west London station.

“Instead of addressing a chronic lack of staff Tube bosses are ordering office workers and senior managers with no operational experience to cover the jobs of trained station staff after one-day courses,” Mr Cash added.