6 Days Remaining

Thursday 13th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

A message from the editor in response to the i's misleading article on our paper

Dear iNews,

Your publication has today published an article by a Katie Grant under the headline Morning Star's open letter to New Statesman is 'laughable'.

The article asserts that the Morning Star wrote an open letter to the New Statesman demanding it devote an equal amount of space to pro-Corbyn stories following its recent WANTED: An Opposition special.

This is untrue. The Morning Star published an open letter by Nina Lopez and Sam Weinstein, who are clearly bylined in the online link provided in your article.

We agreed to carry the open letter in connexion with the protest that your article mentions, of which we were politically supportive. That is not the same as having written the open letter ourselves and its content should not be regarded as editorial demands made by our paper.

Whatever our feelings on the recent edition of the New Statesman, the Morning Star is not in the habit of seeking to dictate the editorial content of other publications and would advise those dissatisfied with relentless attacks on Jeremy Corbyn to switch to our own paper.

I would request that the article is amended to clarify that the open letter was not from the Morning Star, and we will be publishing this statement for the benefit of anyone who has been given a false impression by your story.

Yours faithfully

Ben Chacko

Editor, Morning Star