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Thursday 2nd
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

DAVID CAMERON tried to get Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre sacked over his support for Brexit, BBC2’s Newsnight claimed on Tuesday night.

The programme reported that the then prime minister had been angered by Mr Dacre’s argument that Britain should leave the European Union in the run-up to last year’s referendum and asked him to “cut him some slack” at a private Downing Street meeting.

But Mr Dacre refused to change the newspaper’s editorial line and was infuriated when he heard from a Westminster source that Mr Cameron had pressed Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere to sack him.

A spokesman for Lord Rothermere refused to confirm or deny the claims.

Lexit convener Alex Gordon said: “This shows very clearly the profound fissures at the centre of Britain’s political Establishment.

“Cameron was asking a pro-EU, pro-Remain newspaper proprietor to sack a pro-lLave editor of a leading national newspaper.

“It is a reminder that the mask of the British ruling class slipped during the EU referendum but they are experts at hiding their divisions for their own self-interest.

“They are weak and divided and a united labour movement campaigning for a left exit from the EU would have them on the run.”

Mr Dacre said in a statement: “For 25 years, I have been given the freedom to edit the Mail on behalf of its readers without interference from Jonathan Rothermere or his father.

“It has been a great joy and privilege.”

A spokesman for Mr Cameron said: “It is wrong to suggest that David Cameron believed he could determine who edits the Daily Mail.”