11 Days Remaining

Friday 5th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

MANCHESTER Council was slammed yesterday for allegedly awarding pay rises of up to 60 per cent to top managers while other staff are left with a below-inflation increase of 1 per cent.

The increase in the allowances was allegedly rushed through at a meeting early yesterday morning.

Liberal Democrat Councillor John Leech, the only opposition member, said the largest rise was 60.2 per cent for the head of children and families.

The council’s head of strategic communications will receive 8 per cent more and the head of city-centre growth and regeneration’s allowance goes up by 20 per cent.

Mr Leech called the increases “frankly disgusting.

“Other staff and local residents will be understandably shocked and frustrated that senior figures at the council are seeing their pay increase by up to 60 per cent at a time when the council claims to have no money.

“We are frequently told that the council can’t repair roads, empty bins more often or improve public services due to a lack of money.

“Yet here they are handing out pay increases totalling tens of thousands per year. It is simply indefensible.

“These senior staff are already being paid up to £100,000 and these outrageous increases are out of line with the rest of the council, but also the rest of the country.

“This is not the kind of transparency that the council should be aiming to provide.”

Councillor John Flanagan, executive member for finance, sought to justify the rises by speaking of the need to “keep and attract the right quality of senior staff,” adding that the individuals concerned were being rewarded for increases in their responsibilities.

“These increases will be funded from within existing budgets,” he added.