9 Days Remaining

Thursday 27th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

Home Office to kick out Yarl’s Wood detainee despite ongoing asylum claim

A TORTURE survivor being detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre is set to be deported by the Home Office today despite claims this would be illegal.

Teresia Wamuhu Githua, who escaped persecution in Kenya, has been held at Yarl’s Wood since the beginning of July. Her asylum claim is still being processed.

She had won a judicial review that ruled her ticket from Heathrow to Nairobi should be cancelled, but the Home Office has yet to comply with the order and she is expected to fly out at 8pm.

A “Rule 35” medical examination report was due to be handed to her last night, which determines whether or not she had been fit for detention in light of her poor physical health.

Ms Githua’s supporters have claimed that Yarl’s Wood is “purposely delaying giving [the report to] her” even though she has medical evidence proving she has been persecuted.

“Teresia has been given substandard medical care, which at one point seriously endangered her life,” they said, citing a lack of medication during her first two weeks of detention.

Deportation will derail Ms Githua’s recovery from past trauma as she is receiving medical care in Britain, supporters added.

A Home Office spokesperson told the Star that medical care and reports at Yarl’s Wood did not fall under its remit and that they are handled by “independent doctors” provided by NHS England.

Ms Githua came to Britain in 2006 with her daughters Cecilia and Esther, now aged 20 and 22 respectively. They were at high risk of being forced into female genital mutilation.

Her daughters had also been detained but were later released. Their asylum claims are still ongoing.

Her son was deported to Kenya last October and campaigners believe that the Home Office “has cynically used this as justification for putting the rest of the family at risk.”

Ms Githua said in a statement: “We are not criminals — we just lived our lives. I paid a lot of money to be a student in this country and a lot of taxes … everything is on hold. Our life is on hold.”