11 Days Remaining

Sunday 9th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

by Lamiat Sabin, Parliamentary Reporter

A “HIT LIST” of Labour MPs supposedly targeted for deselection that was attributed to Momentum was mocked by the grassroots group as “laughable” on Friday, while Jeremy Corbyn’s party overtook the Conservatives in a YouGov poll.

The Times published a front-page story about a list it had discovered of 49 sitting MPs believed to have failed to support Mr Corbyn’s leadership. It was later found to have been posted by a local activists’ group.

The MPs that the list suggested should “join the Liberals” were said to include Chuka Umunna — who led a red-herring revolt on leaving the EU single market in the Queen’s Speech debate — Chris Leslie and Jess Philips.

“The list was published by a local Momentum Facebook page with 136 likes, and in no way represents Momentum’s national policy,” a Momentum spokesman said.

The Times included the results of the YouGov poll at the end of the report. It shows Labour rising eight points ahead of the Tories (46-38) in its first survey since the snap general election last month.

Frontbencher Chris Williamson said MPs must have the support of the party’s membership, which has overwhelmingly backed Mr Corbyn in two leadership elections.

He continued: “There are interest groups and individual MPs in this party who think it’s their God-given right to rule. No MP should be guaranteed a job for life.

“MPs elected in earlier phases of this party run the risk of failing to understand what is really going on out there in society.

“Although this party’s hundreds of thousands of new members were once demonised, the election has shown that the political instincts of these members are in line with popular opinion.

“For our party to succeed, these members must be listened to.”