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Friday 9th
posted by Morning Star in World

Thousands march against Rousseff’s ousting

by James Tweedie

TENS of thousands marched on Brazil’s independence day on Wednesday in a “cry of the excluded” against President Michel Temer’s unelected government.

Protesters gathered in more than a dozen cities to oppose the illegitimate government’s social spending cuts and attacks on workers’ rights — already begun under Mr Temer’s three-month interim administration — chanting: “Temer out.”

The turncoat vice-president was sworn in as head of state last week after the senate voted by 61 to 20 to impeach elected Workers Party (PT) president Dilma Rousseff — annulling the ballots of 54 million citizens.

He was booed yesterday when he appeared at independence day celebrations in the capital Brasilia and at the Paralympic opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Communist Party of Brazil candidate Silvana Conti from Porto Alegre said: “This September 7 is quite different because the people are experiencing a coup.”

“It is important that the Brazilian people show that they are not accepting an illegitimate government and will not leave the streets until a return to democracy.”

At a Rio demonstration PT Senator Lindbergh Farias said: “They did not calculate well the opposition there would be against the withdrawal of workers’ rights.”

In Brazil’s biggest city Sao Paulo, CUT union federation president Vagner Freitas told crowds: “They do not know us.”

“They have the press, the judiciary and this corrupt congress in hand. So they thought they could strike a blow in Brazil and nothing would happen.

“But they forgot that the Brazilian people are with us.

Mr Freitas said police brutality against protesters in Sao Paulo on Sunday was an echo of the the 1964 US-backed military coup d’etat.

“The coup of 1964 was military. The coup of 2016 needs military support to survive,” he said.

Raimundo Bonfim of the Popular Movements Centre told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper: “Michel Temer’s government claimed that once the impeachment was approved, the country would be at peace.”

“What we witnessed was a strong reaction because society realised that a gang of corrupt (politicians) condemned an innocent person, and since then there have been protests against the neoliberal agenda.”