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Tuesday 15th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

Cameron sent insert-name-here ‘love letters’ to places still reeling from cuts and floods

DAVID CAMERON was ridiculed yesterday after he sent identical “love letters” to local newspapers across the country including those covering flood-hit regions in northern England.

Influential Tory newspaper the Yorkshire Post has refused to publish the letter, written as an article, because of his failure to answer questions about the floods which devastated much of the county in December 2015.

The Post said it ditched the article promoting tourism in the region because “it barely touched on the issue of flooding” and because Mr Cameron had not responded to an open letter from the paper seeking “a far more substantial response to the Yorkshire floods than had been provided by the government.”

The Post’s comment editor Tom Greenwood told the Star that its open letter had focused on flood insurance, postponement of flood defences for Leeds, the north-south divide in terms of investment and other related issues.

“We have still not had a response to that open letter, which was sent one month after the floods,” said Mr Greenwood.

“The only letter we have had was a holding letter on February 18 saying ‘your correspondence is currently under consideration’.”

He said the Prime Minister’s article on tourism began with the words: “I love Yorkshire and the Humber….” On investigation, the article was found to have been sent to other regional papers declaring the Prime Minister’s love of a range of places.

Mr Greenwood said: “There was ‘I love Lincolnshire,’ ‘I love Norfolk,’ ‘I love Cornwall,’ ‘I love the Isles of Scilly’.”

With some small regional variations, the articles were identical.The Yorkshire Post is based in Leeds, one of the cities worst hit by floods on December 26.

The government’s response to the floods in the county in December brought huge criticism from both the Yorkshire Post and its sister paper the Yorkshire Evening Post, which prompted the former to publish the open letter.