6 Days Remaining

Monday 6th
posted by James Tweedie in Britain

LEADING Russian communist Slava Tetekin told a packed London conference on Saturday that the October Revolution was “more relevant than ever” 100 years on.

The former MP, policy adviser to Communist Party of the Russian Federation general secretary Gennady Zyuganov and member of the Sovetskaya Rossiya (Soviet Russia) newspaper’s editorial board, spoke in the final session of the event commemorating the revolution’s centenary.

Mr Tetekin promised his audience at TUC Congress House in the West End that he would convey the strong “feeling of optimism and feeling of history” at the sold-out 500-capacity event to his party back in Moscow.

He said the 1917 October Revolution had been like a “volcano” that released the pent-up pressures and contradictions of society and gave birth to “new forms of socialism.”

The prominent communist paid tribute to the solidarity shown by British workers during the imperialist powers’ invasion of the newly created Soviet Union, saying that their refusal to load ships carrying arms to Russia had “made the victory of the Red Army possible.”

The Bolsheviks’ success paved the way for the Chinese, Vietnamese and Cuban revolutions and the liberation of India and Africa from colonial dominion, he pointed out.

Mr Tetekin said it was “significant” that even as the USSR disintegrated at the dawn of the 1990s, South African ANC leader Nelson Mandela was released “and apartheid was replaced with a system of democracy” — a cause the Soviet Union had always supported.

Looking to the future, he said: “We are sure Russia will soon be back among the the socialist states. We are on the right side of history.”