5 Days Remaining

Saturday 1st
posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

LONDON tenants demanded they be involved in future decisions about their homes yesterday following the Grenfell Tower inferno.

The London Tenants Federation warned that social tenants have been left increasingly isolated and unable to get their collective voices heard, leading to “horrendous consequences.”

It wants active local tenant associations with elected tenants’ representatives to be involved in decisions.

The federation’s Ron Hollis, from Lambeth Tenants Council, said: “Most social housing tenants in London live collectively in blocks of flats or estates.

“Without wider representative input, we are much weaker and more vulnerable as the Grenfell Tower example demonstrates.”

Reports yesterday revealed that a cheaper alternative was used in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower instead of fire retardant zinc cladding in a bid to cut costs.

The Times and the BBC claim official documents reveal that the “downgrading” saved nearly £300,000.

The Times said the paperwork shows refurb consultants were under pressure to keep costs low.

Defend Council Housing spokeswoman Eileen Short branded Kensington and Chelsea Council “a disgrace” since despite being the richest borough in Britain it had cut costs which had led to the deaths of tenants.

She told the Star there was not only an industry-wide “mentality and approach of cutting corners and penny-pinching at the expense of other peoples lives, but also refusing to listen to tenants and ignoring health and safety and other regulations” in the process.

Downing Street revealed yesterday that all 149 cladding samples from high-rise buildings in 45 local authority areas tested for fire safety so far have failed.