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Saturday 24th
posted by Morning Star in Features

The US political elite gives the working class precious few options, argues JAMES THOMPSON

IT was a chilling moment when I woke up to a surreal new world in which Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States the night before.

Just like one of the disjointed scenes from the 1971 Monty Python movie And Now for Something Completely Different, the present absurd reality shocks us out of the previous absurd reality. The previous buffoon has been jettisoned and a new buffoon takes the stage.

Now we are confronted with a new president who some on the left characterise as a right-wing, authoritarian populist. It is too early to tell whether he is a true fascist since he has never held public office before. There can be no question that many of the kooks and clowns he has appointed to his new administration are open fascists. However, one swallow does not make a summer. The world will soon find out if the US people have elected a true fascist to head their government.

Meanwhile, the vanquished Democrats in the United States refuse to be excluded from the buffoonery.

The buffoon-elect is no stranger to bad ideas and bad policy. He has a terrible history of vicious public attacks on people with disabilities, women, racial minorities, immigrants — you name it, and he has attacked it.

He advocates dismantling government programmes and replacing them with privatised schemes which only benefit the wealthy. He has put his foot in the middle of almost all important domestic economic issues.

Do the so-called “progressive” forces in the United States call out the new buffoon in the White House on these issues?

When you listen to the mainstream media, do you hear about Trump’s absurd stance on these issues?

No, all you hear about are the unfiltered delusions of the progressive left about the Russians hacking poor, innocent little Hillary and causing her majesty to lose an election that was hers to lose.

All you hear about is the Russian state propaganda machine which has poisoned the minds of innocent US citizens and turned them into agents of Vladimir Putin.

Never before has one man had such pervasive control over the minds of the US people. Putin has been turned into a modern-day Rasputin, Hitler and Darth Vader all combined into an evil individual who threatens the very survival of the US way of life. Indeed, Putin and Trump are accused of threatening “American democracy.”

Trump, in spite of his repugnant racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc, has resisted the demonisation of the Russians and has argued against the Democrats’ rush to war with the Russians. In this regard, Trump has assumed the role of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.

Trump seems to get it that war with Russia would be the end of capitalism, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in short order. This position infuriates the most reactionary sector of the US bourgeoisie.

So, what do the Democrats do? In an opportunistic orgy they attempt to savage Trump in an effort to please the most reactionary sector of the US bourgeoisie.

By attacking Trump’s peaceful tendencies towards Russia, they prove without a doubt that the Democrats in the United States view their alliance with the most reactionary sector of the US bourgeoisie to be more important than their alliance with the US working class.

A war with Russia would definitely benefit the US bourgeoisie but would be devastating and catastrophic for the US working class.

The US Democrats continue unashamedly with their historical motto: “Profits before people.”

No-one knows whether they will be successful in pushing the new buffoon-elect into starting a new war.

They must believe that great treasure awaits them if they please their evil masters.

Meanwhile, the US working class is stuck in a swamp full of alligators.

Will the US working class continue to cleave to the Democrats?

The next four years should tell the story.

  • James Thompson is chair of the Houston Communist Party.