6 Days Remaining
Kathy Pimlott

Thursday 24th
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They Count on You Getting Tired, Giving Up
Kathy Pimlott

No one lives here, you’d think, in the city’s glitzy heart
except the agile young wanting to shimmy and shine
before taking a van out to somewhere more... private.

Yet here we are, in infill blocks, which we made them
build all those years ago, knowing your mum, your kids
since before they had their own, so close we hear

each other’s sneezes, dying. Upstairs, temporary men
keep Spanish hours that clatter on their wooden floor,
my bedroom ceiling. They’ll go. I know who plays away,

who cooks mackerel, who’s been inside, uses Economy 7,
tunes in to Magic Radio. I know we’re on borrowed time.
Where are the old girls of the market, theatres, print?

Gone to Guinnesses in the sky. Money wants no one
to belong here, just pass through, hold no memories
worth fighting for, to temper plans to squeeze the streets,

trick them out in shoddy to look like style, smell like profit.
Silly us. All that time we thought it ours, rallied, witnessed,
held the line, all that grief, just making it nice for Money.

Kathy Pimlott was born and raised in Nottingham, but now lives in Covent Garden where she works in community activism for the Seven Dials Trust. Her pamphlet, Goose Fair Night, was published in 2016 by Emma Press.

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