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Monday 6th
posted by Morning Star in World

HARD-LINE Venezuelan opposition activist Freddy Guevara dodged a Supreme Court arrest warrant at the weekend by taking refuge with his girlfriend in the Chilean ambassador’s residence.

Chile’s Foreign Ministry said it had welcomed Mr Guevara as a guest, in line with the country’s humanitarian tradition.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court had banned him from leaving the country and requested that the recently elected constituent assembly lift his immunity from prosecution.

He is vice-president of the National Assembly that has seen many of its powers transferred to the constituent assembly, including the power to decide whether a legislator’s constitutional immunity should be lifted.

The Supreme Court said that Mr Guevara was under investigation for instigating violence during months of deadly anti-government protests.

His Popular Will party called the accusations “non-existent crimes invented by the dictatorship.”

Chile has a history of welcoming opposition activists who face arrest warrants to ambassador Pedro Ramirez’s residence, having offered accommodation to five jurists for two months earlier this year.

After leaving, they were secretly ferried across the border to Colombia and from there flew to Santiago.

Opposition activists Yon Goicoechea and Delson Guarate were released from custody at the weekend after a year in detention.
Mr Goicoechea had been a student protest movement leader before leaving Venezuela in 2013 to study at a US university.
He returned home in 2016 to help organise a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro until he was arrested and accused of transporting explosives.
He was given Spanish citizenship while detained, having two former Spanish prime ministers on his legal defence team.