20 Days Remaining

Wednesday 16th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

IT’S TIME to “get out of our offices and onto the streets” to defeat the Tory Trade Union Bill, Fire Brigades Union leader Matt Wrack told a packed Morning Star meeting on Monday night.

Jeremy Corbyn’s inspirational victory in the Labour leadership contest meant that the turnout for the only British daily newspaper to have backed the winner was its highest for many years.

Mr Wrack pointed to the way the new Labour’s leader “had mobilised hundreds of thousands” during his campaign and warned that the trade union movement had to do the same.

Communication Workers Union (CWU) general secretary Dave Ward received cheers when he declared: “Well, the antidote’s arrived!”

Before Mr Corbyn’s victory, Mr Ward drew the ire of former CWU leader and New Labour grandee Alan Johnson by suggesting that the left MP was the antidote to the Blairite “virus” in the party.

The meeting was also joined by TUC equalities and employment rights officer Sarah Veale, who praised the Star for exposing the cosy chats between business lobby group the CBI and top Tories as they drew up the draconian measures in the Bill.

“It shows how rotten the system is that doors are open to these people that remain shut in the faces of the rest of us,” she said.

Star editor Ben Chacko noted that the “smears and ridicule” directed at Mr Corbyn were already coming thick and fast in the monopoly media.

But the co-operatively owned and labour movement-backed Star will continue to back the new Labour leader and the renewal of British socialism he represents, vowed Mr Chacko, pointing out that the paper, whose circulation is now rising, was “more relevant than ever.”