20 Days Remaining

Thursday 2nd
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Alison Kershaw

A WOMAN with a cancer caused by asbestos has said she had to “wipe white dust” off desks at Haggerston School in east London as a child.

Lisa Doughty, 47, said yesterday she believes she inhaled particles of the deadly substance in the music room at Haggerston while a pupil at the secondary school in the 1980s.

“I spent a lot of time in the music room, having lessons several times a week and rehearsing plays in there. We used to sit on the desks and have to wipe white dust off them,” she said.

“There were two heavy doors at the entrance to the music room and these would constantly slam, shaking the room. The school was in pretty bad repair so maybe the dust came down from the ceiling when the door closed.”

Ms Doughty was diagnosed with mesothelioma after going to the doctor about a chronic cough. She is urging other pupils or teachers who may have been affected to come forward.

Solicitors Slater and Gordon, who are representing Ms Doughty, found that asbestos ceiling tiles were in place during the time that she was a pupil at the school.

A Hackney Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to learn of Ms Doughty’s medical condition.

“No formal claim has been received by Hackney Council and we are therefore unable to investigate any claim until full details have been presented to us.

“Asbestos was historically used extensively in both public and private buildings due to its fire retardant properties and, as with any building of this age, Haggerston School has been subject to regular condition and asbestos surveys and removals.”