13 Days Remaining

Wednesday 13th
posted by Luke James in Britain

TWO construction firms have been fined after a worker became unable to play with his grandchildren due to injuries suffered in a rooftop fall.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed yesterday that Construction Contracting UK and Local Asbestos Services were fined £12,000 and £8,000 respectively and ordered to pay thousands in court costs at Liverpool magistrates’ court last week. 

A judge found that their safety failings had caused Peter Tracey’s 5-ft plunge through plastic panelling to the concrete floor below. 

He suffered two collapsed lungs, blood in his left lung, fractures to his ribs and hip and a ruptured left shoulder tendon. 

The grandfather was discharged from hospital after a month but he explained how the injuries continued to affect his life in a statement to support an HSE investigation. 

“I always used to enjoy going to the park with my grandchildren and playing football with them, but that has all stopped,” he said.

“I can’t even push them on the swings now. I am missing out on them and it does upset me.”

The court heard how Mr Tracey was one of two workers sent onto the roof of a disused Cheshire factory to remove asbestos sheeting.

No safety equipment, such as nets or harnesses, was used and Mr Tracey stepped through a plastic panel. 

HSE inspector Kevin Jones sad: “This case should act as a warning to firms of the consequences of not following agreed safety systems.”