12 Days Remaining

Friday 6th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

LABOUR MP Karl Turner hit back against intimidation yesterday after being attacked by Hull College boss Gary Warke for supporting striking staff.

The Kingston upon Hull East MP and shadow attorney general had recently spoken to University and College Union (UCU) members during their one-day walkout at the college.

Hull College teaching staff took action on Tuesday over unpaid pay awards and after bosses imposed new lesson monitoring.

After receiving a letter from Mr Warke suggesting an MP’s support for trade union members was “highly inappropriate and disrespectful,” Mr Turner shot back: “While [he] may feel that he can bully and intimidate his staff at Hull City College, he cannot do it to me, an elected member of Parliament.”

His reply to Mr Warke added: “I expect that these are the same bullying tactics that you have clearly used on your staff, who have been forced into this action.

“I do not require permission to offer my support to my constituents during strike action.”

Last September college bosses promised a 0.7 per cent pay rise but then refused to pony up.

And the new lesson monitoring brought in by Mr Warke has been condemned for making workers more stressed and anxious.

UCU regional official Julie Kelley said the strike showed staff’s anger at “the broken promises made by the college … and it was a great encouragement for a local politician to take the time to show his support.

“This is a remarkable response from the college leadership — instead of criticising a local MP for supporting his constituents, the college should focus on getting back round the table and addressing the issues raised by their staff.”