13 Days Remaining

Tuesday 6th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

A TORY MP threatened to call the police on an audience member after being booed for saying she was “pleased we have foodbanks” at an election hustings in Cornwall.

Sheryll Murray was responding to questions about the rise in the number of people relying on foodbanks in the South East Cornwall constituency she has represented since 2010.

At the hustings on Saturday evening she remarked: “I am really pleased that we have foodbanks in South East Cornwall.”

A video taken by a local resident then showed the crowd gasp and jeer with one man shouting: “A civilised society shouldn’t need it.”

Ms Murray responds to the uproar by gesturing to one side of the room, saying: “Let’s ignore these...”

But is cut off by a disabled woman who shouts: “We are humans. How dare you stand there and say you will ignore me.”

As tempers flared two men intervened, with one, believed to be Ms Murray’s son, putting his hands on the woman to make her sit down.

The Tory MP then threatened to leave, saying: “I’m not being subjected to this. You’ve all witnessed this horrendous behaviour. I came here in good faith today.”

She then suggests that the woman who confronted her should leave instead.

However the audience member refused and said: “You were being very rude and I am not leaving. If you want me to leave then call the police.”

Ms Murray then turns to a flunkey, saying: “Right Bob, would you like to try and go and do that please?”

Leah Browning, who posted the video on Facebook, accused Ms Murray of “dismissing the views of constituents,” adding that she was “utterly appalled at the woman who has been representing us.”

A statement from Ms Murray’s office claimed the MP suffered sustained abuse from a section of the audience and feared for her safety.

“Every time Sheryll rose to speak she was heckled by this group and the lady started to wave a very large pair of pink underwear above her head,” it read.

Ms Murray’s outburst on Saturday follows an incident last year when she was branded “awful and despicable” by disabled rights activists after she filibustered a private member’s Bill designed to stop guide dogs from being illegally refused access to taxis and minicabs.

She faced an angry demonstration outside her constituency office with campaigner Karl Leys asking Ms Murray on Twitter: “Please explain to the public why exactly you hate people who are blind?”