18 Days Remaining

Tuesday 5th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

BUS workers in Surrey walked out on strike for 24 hours yesterday in a dispute over union recognition.

RMT members at Quality Line Epsom are demanding the right to be represented by their union.

RMT says it is by far the biggest union at the firm’s depot, but bosses have “stitched up a back-room deal with a minority organisation with a handful of members.”

General secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT salutes our members who are standing solid and united today in their strike action at Quality Line in the fight for basic democratic and workplace rights.

“Our representatives have tried repeatedly to broker a fair solution, but every attempt has been thrown back in our faces, despite the fact that RMT is by far and away the biggest union at the Epsom depot.”

He insisted that RMT members had no option but to strike.

THE above story was misleading and the following clarification is printed in tomorrow's paper.

It failed to mention that Unite was the recognised union at the depot and did not allow Unite a chance to respond to comments made about the union. The Morning Star should not have published such an accusation without providing context about the recognition dispute and without seeking a response.

We apologise to our readers for any confusion this may have caused and to Unite for running an article which misrepresented it.