9 Days Remaining
Kate Simpson

Thursday 15th
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Kate Simpson

to the system of #HAMERON, paper cuttings
and the business of filling stomachs with ill-chewed text
until it swills irresponsibly. Tongues are over-indulgent;

words fall like purple figs slipped open
showing seedy ventricles, another false fruit
leaking juice to feed a family for the night.

Let’s fill the next few seconds with tweets
and allegations, puns for the administrators of dining clubs
and layers of roasted bodies in lines of bread

entering someone’s face at an angle, a hash up
for the lashed up, the elected leader caught
sullying organs shaped like ours: #PIGGATE

mantras decanted down from flesh to flesh,
dead or alive; a slit throat filled with farce
as nutrition shifts from hand to mouth,

the turned-off TV a blacked-out mirror
to stare back at our private parts, testifying
at the screen gate while we try to hold our necks up,

reluctant to be hung like fruit, to be picked
and guzzled on, because truly we don’t remember hearing
of a man who enjoyed another as much as satiating himself.

Kate Simpson is a poet from North Yorkshire. She completed her BA in English with Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham and recently finished an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. Her poetry has appeared on Bill Herbert and Andy Jackson’s blog New Boots and Pantisocracies.

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