13 Days Remaining

Friday 10th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

POLICE struggled to process a disabled man they arrested at the Budget demonstration due to problems with access and toilet facilities at their police station.

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPac) spokesman and wheelchair user Andy Greene was arrested outside the House of Commons on Wednesday at the Balls to the Budget protest at Chancellor George Osborne’s new raft of spending cuts.

He was taken to West End Central police station in an accessible van, but there was no ramp to help him enter the station.

The back entrance lift was broken, so they struggled to carry him up the front stairs.Yet the Metropolitan Police website states that West End Central has ramp access as well as a lift.

Mr Greene desperately needed the toilet and, because none in the station were adapted for wheelchair users, they resorted to lifting him to and from the Burlington Arms pub across the road.

“We told the police: ‘We have got to make a complaint against you. If he doesn’t even have access to a toilet, what did you bring us down here for?’,” said Mr Greene’s carer Terry Hutt.

The police apologised, Mr Hutt said, before one officer questioned Mr Greene for at least an hour while three took notes.

Mr Hutt added: “Andy did a great job and held his own. He was speaking for everybody through his actions. I’m proud of him.”

The Star contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment but received no response.

DPac’s Jon Glackin and Stephanie Webber were also arrested during the march and held overnight.