6 Days Remaining

Tuesday 30th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

IT WAS probably George Osborne’s appointment as Evening Standard editor that did it — the concept of London’s most widely read free sheet being edited by one of the most destructive Conservative chancellors in history.

Readers of the Morning Star are well aware that a press owned and controlled by a handful of billionaires is not, as it likes to imagine, an objective watchdog of our liberties, holding power to account, but more often a shrill blast of Establishment propaganda.

The overwhelming Tory bias of the press is familiar from past elections, but the vicious invective directed at Jeremy Corbyn is in a different league.

So, as the only daily to support Corbyn and his programme, we’re pulling out all the stops to get the Morning Star to a wider than usual audience — with a special election edition being distributed for free through supermarkets up and down the land.

What began as a “what if?” thrown out by industrial reporter Conrad Landin at a newsroom meeting soon turned into one of our most exciting projects in years.

Circulation manager Bernadette Keaveney got onto the trade and came back with figures showing that a week-long free distribution of a Morning Star special was within our grasp. Meanwhile, assistant editor Ros Sitwell began pulling together the content and interview ideas flooded in from staff and friends.

This Thursday June 1 instead of an ordinary daily paper, our election special will hit the shelves, packed with info on the choice facing Britain on June 8.

We’re printing it in bigger numbers than anything since Daily Worker days and it’ll be available in selected supermarkets all week — we’ll let you know exactly which ones before Thursday — and you’ll be able to pick it up from your usual retailer too.

As we say, it’ll be free, but don’t hesitate to send something to the Fighting Fund in lieu of payment — the operation has a significant cost, of course, and while we’ve received exceptional assistance from supporters every little helps (to use the slogan of one of the participating supermarkets).

From Friday your ordinary paper will be publishing as normal, available alongside the election special and at the usual price.

  • We’ll be pushing our special on social media and press releasing the project, but this is the Morning Star — it’s you, our readers, on whom we rely. We’re hoping to do some targeted distributions at train stations as well to maximise readership — if you are interested, please contact Bernie on 07780 220-391 or by email at