12 Days Remaining

Thursday 31st
posted by Luke James in Britain

THE cop who gunned down a man during a police stop will stand trial — nine years after shooting dead Azelle Rodney, the Crown Prosecution Service announced yesterday.

Mr Rodney’s mother Susan Alexander expressed relief that the CPS had finally decided there was enough evidence to try the officer, known only as E7, who fired the fatal shots.

She said: “I am very pleased at the CPS’s decision to prosecute the officer who killed my son.

“I have waited a long time to see this day and hope this prosecution will lead to justice for Azelle.”

Mr Rodney was 24 when he was riddled with six bullets by police who stopped the car he was travelling in around Edgeware in London on April 30 2005.

Police claimed Mr Rodney was with a gang who were armed with submachine guns and were en-route to rob a Colombian drugs gang.

Sir Christopher Holland, who led the inquiry into Mr Rodney’s death, concluded last July that E7 had “no lawful justification” for firing at point blank range.

It also found the Met Police made serious failures in their operation that led to Mr Rodney’s death.

But the CPS decided that no charges can be brought against the Met’s Commissioner.

Daniel Machover, an Inquest justice charity solicitor acting for the family, said Ms Alexander will consider whether to appeal the decision after the full reasoning is published.

But he added: “The commissioner should publicly apologise to Ms Alexander for these failures.”