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Monday 29th
posted by Morning Star in World

by Our Foreign Desk

THE world’s major cities were painted all the colours of the rainbow at the weekend as millions of people marched in gay pride parades.

The rallies were buoyed by the decision of the US Supreme Court on Friday — if only by a vote of five to four — that all the country’s citizens had the right to marry, no matter their partner’s sex.

Organisers in New York predicted that yesterday’s parade may have been the city’s biggest, attracting even more people than the two million who lined the route following New York state’s decision in 2011 to recognise same-sex marriage.

The court ruling boosted activists in the Philippines, where about 500 people marched in a park in Manila. LGBT people in the Philippines face an onslaught from reactionary Catholic leaders.

Human rights campaigner Jonas Bagas said: “We hope that after this decision, the struggle for equality can be reframed to go beyond marriage equality so that we can address other dehumanising situations that LGBT people encounter.”

In Europe, Berlin’s boulevards were packed with hundreds of thousands of people, defying the gloomy skies with a cacophony of colour.

The country’s Bundesrat upper house has backed a Bill that would let same-sex couples marry. But rightwingers in the Bundestag lower house, dominated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, are likely to oppose it.

And in Ireland, where voters overwhelmingly backed marriage equality in a referendum last month, thousands demonstrated in Dublin.

Senator David Norris, who is gay, said the crowds were the largest he’d ever seen. “It feels like everyone is gay in Dublin today,” he told the Irish Times.