6 Days Remaining

Tuesday 21st
posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

SCOTTISH Labour demanded answers yesterday as further failures by Police Scotland were revealed in the wake of a fatal car crash.

An ongoing inquiry into Police Scotland has prompted fresh allegations that emergency call handlers and officers were struggling to cope with demand and that the public were sometimes left waiting hours for a response.

Scottish Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary Hugh Henry said that the allegations revealed “a force in crisis” with public confidence in the police “unravelling.”

He added his voice to the calls for police chief Sir Stephen House to resign.

The inquiry was launched when Lamara Bell and John Yuill were left in a car wreck for three days beside a busy stretch of road after an emergency call regarding the crash was not logged and police officers were not dispatched to the scene.

Police finally discovered the car three days later after another report of a car that had left the road.

Ms Bell was taken to hospital but later died of her injuries.

It is believed Mr Yuill died on impact.

An anonymous officer with more than 20 years experience alleged that reductions in the numbers of civilian police staff have left emergency rooms with a huge backlog of calls, and lead to police officers attempting to fill the gaps.

He said that the experienced sergeant who took the initial call regarding the crash wasn’t trained to use the computer system. He wrote down the call and passed it on to someone else to log.

A Scottish government spokesperson said it would not be appropriate to prejudge the results of ongoing investigations.

It comes as Scottish Labour revealed that 53,000 days have been lost in the police force due to stress in the last two years.