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Thursday 21st
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President offers fiery retort to rhetoric of racial supremacy

VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro has hit back at his US counterpart Donald Trump’s aggressive speech to the United Nations general assembly.

Addressing a rally in support of his government outside the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas on Tuesday night, Mr Maduro condemned the “aggression of the new Hitler, Donald Trump, the racial supremacist.

“He will not dominate the brave homeland!” the Venezuelan president declared.

“Despite the words of hate and war from Donald Trump, the socialist revolution will continue.

“Do you want to speak of peace? Never have we bombed the people of the world,” Mr Maduro pointed out. “Do you want to speak of human rights? We did not torture prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.”

Thanking some 200 international guests from 60 countries for their support, Mr Maduro said: “Solidarity is more important than any braggadocio in New York.”

Mr Trump’s UN address echoed George W Bush’s declaration of an “Axis of Evil” 15 years earlier, which branded North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela “rogue states.”

He ranted that if the US was “forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

The US president claimed that Iran’s chief export was “violence, bloodshed and chaos” and called its 2015 nuclear accord with major world powers an “embarrassment for the US,” hinting that he may soon withdraw from it.

He attacked Tehran for supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s “criminal regime,” Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement and Yemen’s resistance to the Saudi-led invasion.

His confrontational rhetoric caused disquiet among the general assembly and later drew condemnation from many nations, raising questions as to whether it was aimed at a domestic audience or the US Congress.

Mr Trump urged leaders to use their “national sovereignty to do more to ensure the prosperity and security of their own countries,” saying they should put their interests first as he put “America first,” but he warned that the US would not be “taken advantage of” in treaties.

The US president also attacked Mr Maduro’s “disastrous rule” and urged the UN to intervene in Venezuela.