7 Days Remaining

Friday 24th
posted by Morning Star in Editorial

JEREMY CORBYN’S insistence that we must not allow “fear or the voices of hatred to divide or cow us,” following the deadly events in Westminster, is wise advice.

His counsel of unity and letting the police carry out their responsibilities without a chorus of ill-judged allegations and supposition meets the needs of the situation.

It stands in contrast to the usual self-publicist renta-gob politicians and commentators who are happy to exploit other people’s grief to peddle their divisive obsessions.

Most politicians have followed advice to adopt a united and dignified attitude towards Wednesday’s unmitigated horror.

They have pointed to the magnificent response by the emergency services and NHS health professionals to events as they unfolded and paid tribute to unarmed police officer Keith Palmer who was murdered as he carried out his duties outside Parliament.

Morally stunted individuals of the ilk of Nigel Farage, Arron Banks and Katie Hopkins blame multiculturalism and mass immigration for “inviting in terrorism.”

They propagate the slander that Muslims and their religion, Islam, are directly or indirectly to blame for an atrocity committed by an individual.

In perpetrating this lie, they ignore the reality that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain share a similar approach to life, family, friends and neighbours as everyone else.

Farage’s associate Paul Nuttall accepts that only a “tiny fragment” of the Muslim community in this country has been radicalised.

But even then he can’t help attempting to smear all Muslims by concluding that even a lone wolf’s plans would have been shared by other people and adding: “I just wonder whether more could have been done to stop them.”

His demand that Muslim communities “do more to root out this cancer of radicalisation” amounts to guilt by religious association.

Local Muslim associations across Britain are engaged in constant struggles against those who would tarnish a religion that its believers characterise as peaceful by adopting the hateful views of a death cult.

Even unapologetic arch-war criminal Tony Blair has acknowledged the link between radicalisation and the anger and resentment generated by a succession of Western-directed or backed wars against Muslim states in north Africa and the Middle East.

Yet it is remarkable how few British Muslims have been seduced to enrol in the ranks of the Islamic State (Isis) fanatics who proclaim their goal of rolling back the centuries to create a caliphate of their own imagining.

Much more representative of Muslims in Britain is the swiftly set-up group Muslims United for London that collected £3,000 in its first hour of existence to support the families of those murdered or maimed in Westminster.

The same applies to the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) organisation working with Stand up to Racism for tonight’s unity vigil in Whitehall.

Their priority is to bring everyone together in opposition to hatred and fear, to racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia and every other shameful pretext to sow division and discrimination.

Those who reach with a knee-jerk reaction towards their pet bugbears of multiculturalism and immigration to justify scapegoating entire communities are objectively allies of Isis.

They have a shared distrust of and antipathy towards a society in which people from many different backgrounds are not only tolerant but mutually respectful, living in peace, love and friendship alongside each other.

The views of the hate purveyors are outdated and will never achieve dominance as long as people stand up, speak out and refuse to be intimidated.