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Friday 10th
posted by Luke James in Britain

Shoo-in as Clegg successor latest to run without party branding

VINCE CABLE has become the most senior Lib Dem to be caught sending out election leaflets that do not feature his toxic party’s branding.

A four-page full-colour leaflet sent by Mr Cable to voters in the Twickenham constituency earlier this week did not feature the Lib Dem’s distinctive gold and black colours or the party logo. 

The Star was sent the leaflet yesterday as Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg fought off claims that his candidates were “ashamed” of the party during a campaign stop in Cornwall North. 

He faced the embarrassing question in a BBC interview during a campaign stop to support incumbent Dan Rogerson. 

The constituency is a traditional stronghold for the Lib Dems but Mr Rogerson has avoided using the party’s branding in his campaign. 

Asked if Mr Rogerson was “ashamed” of his party, the Deputy PM said: “Some people don’t just want to hear endless party political argy-bargy.”

Mr Clegg also accused the station of finding “one leaflet of the thousands of leaflets that go out and saying: ‘Ah, look, it doesn’t have the branding’.”

But the Lib Dem leader faced similar claims when he visited Lib Dem-held Chippenham on Wednesday, where Duncan Hames has avoided drawing attention to his party allegiance in the marginal seat. 

And evidence that Mr Cable, who is tipped to take over the party’s leadership after the general election,  has done the same could demoralise Lib Dem activists across Britain. 

James Walsh, the Labour PPC for Bracknell who spotted the leaflet, tweeted: “A prize for anyone who can see either the words Lib Dem or the party logo in this leaflet. Heads down boys!”