10 Days Remaining

Saturday 15th
posted by James Tweedie in World

SYRIAN Kurdish guerillas have accused Russia and Syria of colluding with Turkey to force them out of a north-western enclave.

Bahjat Abdo, head of the YPG separatist militia of the Defence Authority in Afrin, north-west of Aleppo, made the allegations in a video statement on Thursday.

He confirmed earlier rumours that Russian officers stationed in Afrin city had told him the only way to stop attacks by invading Turkish troops and their jihadi proxy forces to the east was to return control to the government.

“Russians say if we allow the Syrian regime forces enter Afrin, they will stop the Turkish attacks,” Mr Abdo said.

“We drove the Syrian regime out of Afrin five years ago, and it is impossible to allow them back,” he insisted.

A contingent of Russian troops entered Afrin by agreement with the YPG earlier this year to deter attacks by Nato member Turkey. US troops have done the same in other YPG-controlled areas.

But in recent weeks Turkey has stepped up shelling of the area, which borders Turkey to the north and west, killing six civilians.

Mr Abdo said: “Russians say they are supporting us when their forces enter Afrin,” but then “Turkish attacks increased.”

“Russians and Turks want to create more chaos and disturb people’s lives and forcibly displace them.”

Britain’s Peace in Kurdistan campaign wrote to Lib Dem Lord Navnit Dholakia, urging action to force Turkey to end its occupation of northern Aleppo province and for Russian air forces to prevent their aggression.