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Tuesday 31st
posted by Luke James in Britain

Yougov survey also discovers voters want to to see our battered public services restored

Voters have rejected Tory plans for permanent austerity and expect to see funding for stretched public services restored as the economy grows, a Yougov poll showed yesterday.

Research commissioned by the TUC showed 56 per cent of people "want to see most or all of the services that have been cut restored," eclipsing the 29 per cent of people who insisted that they "want to see most or all of the cuts retained."

Labour voters were the most keen to see Britain's social fabric patched up after suffering greatly under the Con-Dem knife.

A majority of Lib Dems also wanted to see services restored and even 35 per cent of Tory voters said they want cuts reversed.

The poll comes in the wake of Prime Minister David Cameron unmasking his plan for "permanent" austerity at last month's Lord Mayor's Banquet.

He called for a "leaner" state at the lavish City of London bash before tucking into another free meal.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said the poll shows voters do not share the Tory's "ambition to permanently shrink the state."

She said: "Voters accepted austerity as unpleasant medicine. But now they are realising that what they thought were the unpleasant side effects are what the Chancellor sees as a cure."

Yougov also found just 2 per cent of people said they have benefited from growth while only 18 per cent expect to see their living standard increase in 2014.

In her New Year's address Ms O'Grady said the recovery has so far meant "food banks, zero hours and pay cuts for the many, tax cuts and pay growth for the few at the top."

She asked: "Do we want to go back to a business-as-usual version of the pre-crash economy, based on housing bubbles, an overmighty finance sector and increasing inequality?

"Or do we want to build a new, genuinely rebalanced economy that through investment, growth and active government aims for a high-skill, high-pay, high-productivity economy that shares out prosperity to all?

"I know which side unions are on."