8 Days Remaining
Dominique Dunne

Thursday 25th
posted by Jody Porter in Arts

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People Watching at Rush Hour

It’s almost like a caricature.
One man actually shakes his head
whilst reading a Metro news headline.
Another has his head tulip leaning
against the glass whilst pondering
out the window, all doe-eyed.
A lady taps her watch and sighs.
No one is smiling. But I can’t talk,
I’m sitting in the luggage holder.


East London Line

I am too drenched to be adorable,
I am Bridget Jones's Diary
not Zooey Deschanel.

Monday morning commute –
breakfast, putting on face, coffee.
Everybody on route to somewhere

but I'm still with last night, can smell
the bonfire on my soaking hair,
taste the rum in my mouth.

I have a Sainsbury’s bag for life in my right hand
and I'm trying to find home
on Google Maps in the pouring rain.

Constantly rerouting.
Finally I find the station,
I'm so far away from home

I don't recognise the stops
I just know I've been here before.

Dominique is a London poet and was part of Barbican Young Poets and a member of the Burn After Reading collective. She has performed at Ronnie Scott's, Queen Elizabeth Hall and warmed up for Kate Tempest and Saul Williams. Alongside writing, Dominique has worked on Poetry Parnassus, Shake the Dust and led poetry workshops for children. She is currently working on her first collection.

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