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Tuesday 24th
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Artillery takes up position on nearby heights

SYRIAN army units took up positions overlooking the last major town held by the Isis death cult yesterday, allowing their artillery to establish fire control over a supply route between Boukamal and a nearby desert outpost.

The Central Military Media, a pro-government news outlet, reported that army troops and allied militias had encircled the T-2 pumping station in southern Deir Ezzor province, close to the Iraqi border,

following clashes with the


Backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and others from Iranian-Afghan paramilitary group Liwaa Fatemiyoun, the Syrian army’s Fifth Legion stormed the western hills near the T-2 station, where they were confronted by a large Isis force.

Within hours of launching this attack, the army and its allies were able to establish full control over almost all the hilltops overlooking T2.

The frontier town of Boukamal is the last major Isis stronghold in the country after its militants were driven from the northern city of Raqqa by the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces as well as from the eastern town of Mayadeen by the Syrian army.

As the death cult has been forced out of its strongholds, it has resorted to butchering civilians to boost its flagging morale.

Further details emerged yesterday of a massacre committed in the town of Qaryatayn, following the weekend recapture of the town by the army at a cost of over 150 soldiers’ lives.

The government forces discovered that Isis, which overran the town earlier this month in a surprise operation, had slaughtered over 120 people, shooting them and throwing their bodies down wells.

Homs provincial governor Talal Barazi denounced the blood-letting as a “shocking massacre,” adding that the search for and documentation of those killed in Qaryatayn was still under way.

He said that most of the bodies were of town residents who had been government employees or affiliated to the ruling Ba’ath party.

At least 13 residents remain missing while six bodies have not been identified.

Mr Barazi said that the

killings had gone on for the three weeks that Isis was in control of Qaryatayn and terrorised its residents, before government forces re-established order in the town on Saturday.