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Credit: Joka Madruga

Tuesday 19th
posted by James Tweedie in World

THE PRESIDENTS of Venezuela and Bolivia hailed the great show of solidarity from across the world at an international conference in Caracas on Sunday.

Bolivian President Evo Morales was the surprise guest on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s weekly TV programme, Sundays with Maduro.

Hundreds of national and international delegates to the Todos Somos Venezuela (We are all Venezuela) conference rode the two-mile cable car to the 8,000 foot summit of Mount Waraira Repano, overlooking the capital, to watch the live broadcast.

Mr Maduro told the audience that US President Donald Trump’s threat of military action against Venezuela “is a threat to the whole world.”

Mr Trump made the shocking threats last month before he imposed financial sanctions over the establishment of Venezuela’s new constituent assembly — a 545-member body tasked with rewriting the constitution — claiming that it is undemocratic.

Mr Morales hailed last week’s resumption of peace talks with the Democratic Unity Roundtable (Mud) opposition coalition in the Dominican Republic which were held after four months of violent regime change protests that left 124 dead.

He said Mud claims that the convening of the constituent assembly is an attack on democracy and a move towards dictatorship merely served as an excuse for US intervention.

“The constituent assembly will guarantee peace in Venezuela,” he said. “We are with the people, with reason, with democracy... struggling for sovereignty.

“Between imperialism and capitalism, the struggle continues.”

Mr Maduro said the opposition’s plan was to “set the country on fire, fracture the military,” and like in Libya and Syria “justify bombing and occupation.”

And the Venezuelan president also slammed the “cowardly left” around the world who have turned against his country’s Bolivarian Revolution.

“It scares them to hear the word Venezuela,” he said, mocking them as “traitors in red jackets who call themselves Chavistas.”