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Wednesday 3rd
posted by Will Stone in Britain

DISABLED people face a huge “employability gap” and need more help to stay in work or find a job, a study by Citizens Advice published today reveals.

People with disabilities or health conditions are more than twice as likely to leave work and three times less likely to get a job, the charity found.

Disabled People Against Cuts co-founder Linda Burnip told the Star: “Those with physical disabilities face a lot of access to work problems.

“And there simply isn’t enough being done to change employers’ attitudes to those with mental ill health. More flexible working hours outside of the usual nine-to-five is also key in making employment more accesible for those with disabilities.”

She believes that if the government put more money into tackling these core problems more disabled people would be in work.

Citizens Advice head Gillian Guy said: “Closing the health and disability employment gap will take work from both employers and government.

“Disabled people and those with a health condition face a range of obstacles which need to be recognised and addressed to help them get and keep a job.

“Simple things like being flexible about medical appointments or adaptable working hours can make a huge difference.”

Citizens Advice argues that it is more important than ever for employers and the government to act as the population ages and people are staying in work for longer.

Equality and Human Rights Commission disability commissioner Lord Holmes said: “Disabled people want to be in work.

“Employment ensures both their own independence and greater equality for society as a whole.”

A Department for Work & Pensions spokesman said it is increasing support in jobcentres and investing more in adapting workplaces.