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Monday 9th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

THERESA MAY was accused of empty sloganeering while preparing to map out her goal of a “shared society” today.

The Prime Minister vowed to tackle the “everyday injustices” faced by the “just about managing,” acknowledging that the state has a significant role to play in this.

She blamed past administrations for letting “resentments grow” and divisions become entrenched.

“Overcoming these divisions and bringing our country together is the central challenge of our time,” she said. “That means building the shared society.”

Ms May described her vision as moving “beyond the narrow focus on social justice — where we help the very poorest” to more wide-ranging social reform that helps those who feel the system is “stacked against them.”

The term “shared society” has drawn comparisons to former prime minister David Cameron’s “big society” slogan, coined in 2010 by his director of strategy Steve Hilton.

Ahead of a major speech on social reform today, Ms May vowed to tackle the stigma attached to mental illness. She said she wanted society to view mental health problems with the same sympathy and understanding as physical conditions.

As part of her vision for a “shared society,” Ms May will announce a package of measures aimed at improving the support available for people with mental health problems.

The speech to the Charity Commission in London is part of an attempt by Ms May to define her policies.

However, Labour argued that Ms May’s current track record on the NHS and the economy undermines her latest PR stunt.

Frontbencher and national campaign co-ordinator Jon Trickett said: “Six failed years of the Tories have given us a crisis in the NHS, economic failure and working people worse off, and Theresa May clearly has no idea what to do about it.

“The only thing she offers is an empty slogan. And on Brexit there are still no clear objectives on getting the best deal for Britain, prompting her to complain that her thinking isn’t ‘muddled,’ yet offering no evidence to the contrary.

“Tory failure means Britain is worse off and Theresa May offers no solutions.”

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