9 Days Remaining

Wednesday 20th
posted by James Tweedie in World

THE imperialist war on Venezuela is being fought on the battleground of the media, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said on Monday.

Speaking at a military ceremony in Caracas attended by international solidarity delegates, Mr Villegas said: “Today the war is fundamentally informational, and peace is fundamentally informational.

“The main contest is in the field of communications,” where the mainstream media “have demonised our leaders before the world.”

“Solidarity with Venezuela is solidarity with all the peoples of the world in their struggles,” Mr Villegas said, adding that the anti-imperialist movement was “sending a message to the [Global] North.”

He said Venezuela’s opposition had “broken the mould of treachery” by urging US and EU sanctions against its own country.

Brandishing his mobile phone, Mr Villegas said: “We are nostalgic for print newspapers — but in our hands we have a very powerful tool of communication.”

After the meeting he told the Morning Star: “The interest of the Venezuelan is for their truth to be told in the most transparent way in every part of the world, so nobody can doubt there is a great and systematic manipulation.”

He said the mainstream narrative had produced “a single global media train of thought” about his country. “Take out the names of the reporters and it’s exactly the same.

“Confronted with this global media cartel, the solidarity of the peoples is necessary — not only with Venezuela … because what is rehearsed in Venezuela presages what is going to occur in other parts of the world” — pointing to the media “demonisation” of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain.