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Wednesday 18th
posted by Luke James in Britain

Cameron decides UN can’t stop his lust for destruction

BRITAIN could begin bombing Syria without the support of the UN security council, David Cameron declared yesterday.

In a statement to Parliament about the Paris terror attacks, the Prime Minister signalled his intention to call a second vote on RAF air strikes in Syria after MPs scuppered his drive to war last August.

Bombing will be part of the government’s “comprehensive strategy” for destroying Islamic State (Isis) terrorists that he pledged to set out before the end of November.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed separately that RAF Tornados are already providing “surveillance support” for French air strikes in Syria.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was clear that there should be no new military action unless supported by the UN.

“It’s vital at a time of such tragedy and outrage not to be drawn into responses which feed into a cycle of violence and hatred,” he said.

Mr Cameron insisted he wanted Britain’s response to based on “consensus” but that “we cannot outsource our national security to a Russian veto” in the UN security council.

Labour sources said they would “look again” at the government’s plan if it was put to a vote at the UN security council and rejected.

The PM said he will make the case for bombing by replying to concerns raised in a report by the foreign affairs committee.

The committee, chaired by Tory MP Crispin Blunt, warned benefits of British air power would be “outweighed by the risks of legal ambiguity, political chaos on the ground in Syria, military irrelevance, and diplomatic costs.”

By taking the unusual step of replying to the committee, Mr Cameron hopes to convince Labour and dissenting Tory MPs of the case for bombing.

The MoD will also turn the screw in private briefings with dissenting MPs, according to the BBC.

Mr Cameron’s statement paved the way for a vote in December which could see the first bombing raids on Syria take place before Christmas.

But Stop the War national secretary Lindsey German told the Star: “The Middle East needs an end to bombing, not an escalation.

“It has already fuelled terrorism and created a hell on earth for the people of the region.”

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson also pointed out there were already “large-scale bombing operations in Syria” from the US, Russia and France.

“There’s been bombs dropped by drones, bombs dropped from fast jets and missiles fired from naval vessels,” he said.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warned Britain must not “repeat the mistakes of the illegal and counterproductive Iraq war.”

Britain is already bombing Isis in Iraq and the MoD yesterday confirmed it had carried out attacks since the weekend.

It said Tornados provided air support to Kurdish forces fighting Isis, while a drone had destroyed a “terrorist vehicle.”