9 Days Remaining

Tuesday 1st
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Steve Sweeney

EVENTS are taking place across Britain today to mark World Kobane Day today.

Activists will rally for peace and freedom in cities including London, Manchester and Edinburgh, taking a stand “against those that are provoking war for their own economic and imperialist ends.”

An open letter, published in today’s Star, demands that “the British government takes all the appropriate political actions to bring about peace for the sake of Kobane and the people in the entire Middle East.”

Solidarity campaigners around the world called the day of action after Isis attacked the semi-autonomous region of Rojava in northern Syria in September 2014.

The city of Kobane became a symbol for progressives and a beacon of democracy and resistance after the death cult’s shock troops were driven out at the beginning of 2015.

Peace in Kurdistan, which is promoting the event in Britain, co-ordinator Estella Schmidt said: “The people of Kobane stand on the side of hope and humanity. They deserve our support and solidarity, however they need aid and supplies as they rebuild from the rubble.

“We celebrate World Kobane Day as a defiant act of resistance and for peace and freedom. We salute their victory as they continue their fight.”

Rallies will be held in solidarity with the Kurdish people and carry an added significance following the arrest and detention of the elected co-mayors of Diyabakir, southern Turkey, last week on charges of terrorism.

British campaigners have condemned the arrests, saying they undermine democracy and are a blow to a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

Hundreds attended a march in Edmonton, north London, on Sunday called by the Kurdish People’s Assembly in protest at the increasing attacks and arrests of elected pro-Kurdish politicians in Turkey.