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Tuesday 20th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

Terror attack on mosque ‘is an attack on all of us,’ says leader

JEREMY CORBYN called on communities of all faiths to “stand together” yesterday following the Finsbury Park Mosque terror attack in his constituency.

The Labour leader, who has represented Islington North since 1983, said he witnessed a “frightened” community of “pain” and “stress” after visiting the scene.

He called for “an attitude in our society of support for each other” following the incident that left one dead and 10 injured after a white van ploughed into worshippers.

“The only way to deal with this kind of issue is communities coming together and this is a very multi-faith community — Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, all live around here,” Mr Corybn said.

“This is a microcosm of a community working together.

“An attack on a mosque, an attack on a synagogue, an attack on a church is actually an attack on all of us.

“We have to protect each other’s faith, each other’s way of life, and that’s what makes us a strong society and community.

“I appeal for people and the media to remain calm and respectful of those affected.

“In the meantime, I call on everyone to stand together against those who seek to divide us.”

Mr Corbyn said he was “shocked by this horrific and cruel attack” and offered his condolences to the family and friends of the man who died and thoughts to those injured.

And he praised the emergency services for their “very quick and very timely” response after the driver was arrested at the scene.

“I am of course critical of cuts made to the police service, I make no criticism of the police behaviour or reaction last night,” he said.

The Labour leader met with Muslim community leaders and said he would also attend prayers at Finsbury Park Mosque alongside Islington Council leader Richard Watts.

In contrast Prime Minister Theresa May was heckled while paying a visit to the mosque.

Referencing Ms May’s lacklustre response to the Grenfell Tower inferno, one shouted: “How come you were so quick today? Kensington you weren’t so fast.”

He then shouted: “Mrs May, have you got a personal taxi today?”

Others yelled at the hapless PM as she fled the mosque into her chauffeur-driven car.

Ms May has promised to review security at mosques following the attack.