10 Days Remaining

Thursday 24th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain
AN ISLAMIC organisation said yesterday that it was “concerning” that a British Muslim family of 11 had been denied its “holiday of a lifetime” by US officials.
Tory PM David Cameron was urged by the Walthamstow family’s MP, Stella Creasy, to challenge “no-fly” rules after US authorities at Gatwick Airport said the family could not board the flight to California on December 15.
Gym owner Mohammad Tariq Mahmood said no reason was given as to why he, his brother and nine of their children were barred. He had not been refunded £9,000 for the Norwegian airline tickets.
He said attacks on the US and presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim slurs had made officials “think every Muslim poses a threat.”
A Muslim Council of Britain spokeswoman told the Star: “Countries have the right to issue and revoke visas at their discretion, but there is often distress caused to families when this occurs at the last minute without any reason provided.
“There is a perception that such decisions are being made due to the faith or political activism of individuals.”
Ms Creasy said: “Just a week ago, MPs were united in agreement that Trump’s views were abhorrent. 
“Now we should do more than shrug our shoulders at secretive American security policies that leave our constituents in limbo.”
She said that the US embassy should be answerable to Mr Cameron — who Downing Street said would respond to the issues — so that “no British citizen is being discriminated against for their faith on our shores.”